12.0 Standing out on the Shop Floor

When combined correctly, the Zanussi tone of voice and key brand elements create great stand-out in a busy retail environment.

12.01 Maximise our key elements for stand out

The key elements in action for in retail: ‘easy choice’ tone of voice, bold typography, use of yellow, headline style and lifestyle imagery. The same approach is used for both electrical and kitchen retail.

Shop display

12.02 Colour – getting it right in retail

When should I go full on with yellow? When should I tone down the yellow? Here are some examples.

Dominant yellow

To give maximum standout to kitchen and electrical retail POS messaging.

Dominant yellow colour proportions
Yellow show display

Accent yellow

Where the emphasis is more on the quality of a kitchen interior featuring Zanussi appliances, particularly in kitchen retail.

Accent yellow colour proportions

12.03 Colour and imagery – softening the yellow

Imagery of food and laundry can be used to add quality and soften wide expanses of yellow. Contemporary in style, generally shot from above, this style of photography is widely available from low cost image libraries. Attention to detail is key e.g. primary colours and secondary colours like red and green in the photography. For more information, see sections 4.0 Colour and 5.0 Imagery.

Yellow as background colour

12.04 Colour – avoid too much black

The Zanussi brand works best when yellow and white are used together, with minimal support from black. Always resist the temptation to over use black in POS design or in kitchen interior design.