14.0 Press Releases, PR and Social Media

Social media and PR can be bright, engaging and cost-efficient ways to build our relationships with customers.

14.01 Press releases

One of the most important things with Zanussi Press Releases is to make sure that it portrays the newly released product as the easy choice.

Please refer to 1.4 Tone of voice in action and structure the Press Relase in a way that Attracts, Engages and Converts the target audience.


14.02 Public Relations

Zanussi PR (for trade and consumer) is a cost-efficient way for us to express our brand via key influencers in the media and to build relationships with consumers.

Good PR is more about stories than news, and is both well timed and well targeted. For example the Zanussi Cook School initiative targets obesity and demonstrates how good food is made simple and fun for young students in the UK.

Tone of voice is important and needs to stay on-brand – for more information, see section 1.0.


14.03 Social media

Social media offers great opportunities to engage directly with Zanussi consumers. It’s a chance to showcase all of our visual brand assets for a rich experience, e.g. room set photography, benefit imagery and rich content.

Tone of voice is important and needs to stay on-brand – for more information, see section 1.0.


14.03 Social media examples

Here are some social posts, covering the themes of taste and care. All posts should adhere to the key principles, including tone of voice, imagery types, colour, typeface, etc.

Taste, Instagram examples


Care, Instagram examples


Taste, Facebook examples


Care, Facebook examples


14.04 Do’s and Don’ts


  • Drive consumers to social media channels in print materials, online channels and at events.
  • Encourage or incentivise consumers to check-in at events.
  • Encourage users to share comments and photos using hashtags.
  • Use attractive imagery and give a clear call to action.
  • Do use our bright, witty, easy and straightforward tone of voice.


  • Don’t go off brand with tone of voice. For example don’t try too hard to be funny or frivolous to a point where you lose authority on the subject. For more information see section 1.05 Tone of Voice do’s and don’ts.
  • Don’t use long posts where the user has to click “see more” to read it all – the readership of these drops significantly.