13.0 Brand Website

The brand website sees many brand elements brought together for a bright and bold Zanussi online experience.

13.01 Introduction

The brand website is the digital home for brand and product content. It is a consumer facing website that shows who we are and what we do.

Zanussi is about making life easy and so the user experience of the website should be easy.

Messaging should be quick to read and understand. Images should be vibrant and add to the meaning of page. (See the section 1.0 Tone of Voice for more detail.)

Each market has both a desktop and mobile website.


13.02 Tone of voice

Write copy from the target audience’s perspective. Our consumers are looking for appliances that are simple to use, easy to maintain, functional and reliable. In short, effortless.

Highlighting these benefits and shortcuts should be the focus of the copy. Skip unnecessary information. Keep it simple.

Our writing should always be clear, and quick to read. Finding the right appliance shouldn’t be a chore. Remember, short copy is always good. For more guidance, see section 1.0 Tone of Voice.


13.03 Typefaces

There is one font family used for digital applications with two sets – the Roboto family and Roboto Condensed Bold. Roboto Condensed Bold (caps) is used for main headings. Roboto Bold, Regular, Light, etc (upper and lower case) can be used in all other instances.


13.04 Use of colour


As in many brand applications, the Zanussi yellow is the key brand colour. It is used to attract and should not be over used. The yellow is Hex #F9DD00, and typically used for navigation, homepage carousels and H1 heading panels.

Light grey

Light grey brings steel and quality to the palette. For the brand website it is mainly used as a background colour to differentiate between white background sections. Hex #C8C8C8.


White is very important in keeping the yellow fresh and should always be in attendance and more prevalent than yellow or any other brand colour. Please do not use white text on a yellow background. Hex #FFFFFF.


Black must never overpower the white or yellow, too much black makes the yellow dirty. All copy is black, except for buttons where text is reversed white out of black. Links are distinguished with an underline and bold. Hex #000000.


13.05 Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do use a mix of media to enrich the page with photography and video..
  • Do add products to series pages – give the user somewhere to go next and to show what products are in the range.


  • Don’t use large blocks of single colour – images communicate more meaning and give the user something recognisable.
  • Don’t over use a media type on a page. Content should vary with images, animations and videos.
  • Don’t forget to add links to other pages so the user can continue on their journey.