9.0 Rich content and social media

9.01 General recommendations

Real footage is believable. It should be used to tell product, technology, or benefit stories as consumers feel reassured with this kind of content. By presenting everyday items in a clean and contemporary way, we display intelligence and understanding of both our products and customers. 

Adding a dash of everyday humour helps support our human, witty and reliably easy brand. An interesting use of props helps elevate the content - stop motion, for example, is simple, light-hearted and feels on-brand.

9.02 CGI Animation

Real footage is always preferable however if CGI animation is the only available option, there are a few considerations to help keep this on brand:

Focus on the tech benefits.

Presenting lifestyle imagery using CGI feels false. 

Don’t use Zanussi hero product CGIs (renders) as a basis for videos.

9.03 Lifestyle recipe

Shot from above video works really well for recipes and sits in line with the simple, easy feel of Zanussi.

Remember to:

Add a human element (e.g. hands setting a plate on the surface). 

Show tech in action (e.g. an oven cooking a dish) and overlay the Zanussi icon style.   

Introduce the tertiary colour palette and natural wood textures to break up the yellow and black.


Korolev font. Consider type animation. Primary yellow colour dominant.


Using people is preferred. Simple overhead shot is contemporary.


Include 'Easy' in the language.


Sign off with the logo on a yellow background.

9.04 Music

You can find current music files on the Electrolux media library. 

We have worldwide rights to use it. Excluding broadcasting.

It is important to note that if you are reducing the length of these files, you must keep the end section to give clear space for the Zanussi logo to appear.

Choosing new music:

Music gives viewers an instant impression of the tone of the video. We, therefore, draw inspiration from Zanussi’s brand to make our music choices:

The Zanussi brand is... Musical Interpretation
Everyday ease Medium tempo, not too fast but not too slow
Straightforward Uncomplicated composition
Simple Not over produced - stripped back
Bright Optimistic, fresh and enjoyable
Peace of mind Relaxing, reassuring
Contemporary Modern take on a classic style
Witty Punctuated, unexpected tempo. Personality
Practical No more than four or five instruments/musicians
Smart Accomplished musicianship
Affordable Popular, not overly sophisticated
European With Italian accents. Artistic