11.0 Trade Shows

11.01 Overview

The Zanussi advertising and graphic style gives us impact and stand out at trade shows, using lots of yellow and bold headlines. To add quality and trust in our appliances, we use the Zanussi room set style for kitchen units.

Trade stand in 3D

11.02 Messaging Panels

Messaging panels are important for highlighting Zanussi benefits. The example shows how the advertising and graphic styles are combined to highlight ‘the easy choice’ messaging.

Layout of trade stand wall display


  • Headline: bold, caps styling for impact
  • Tone of voice: demonstrate through the copy why Zanussi is the easy choice and reassure with peace of mind and reliability
  • Colour: dominant yellow for brand stand out Imagery: lifestyle/benefit imagery to soften the Yellow
  • Zanussi graphic style: e.g. graphic call-outs, typography, etc. – see section 7.0 for more information


  • Don't overload with too many messages
  • Don't use large black panels – black should only be used for text, icons and the actual appliances

11.03 Event kitchen set style

Like our brand, the Zanussi kitchen set is bright, contemporary and European. It needs to be welcoming, easy to work in, homely and aspirational – without looking too high end, as our target audience’s budget is restricted.

Kitchen display

When designing a kitchen set, follow the room set style as detailed in section 5.0.

Here are some recommendations:


  • Plenty of white, e.g. cabinets, worktops, splashback, props
  • Use yellow sparingly, e.g. props
  • Use black sparingly, e.g. appliances and props Mix textures, e.g. natural materials for warmth, e.g. wood flooring and chopping boards
  • Stainless steel to add quality e.g. door handles
  • Use natural props and utilize secondary colours e.g. green house plants and red tomatoes


  • Don't make it look overly premium, or too cheap
  • Don't use black work tops
  • Don't use grey cupboards
  • Don't use too much yellow – one or two yellow doors would be fine

11.04 How does this look?

Yellow messaging panels, white cabinets around appliances, white ceiling, wood flooring.

Example of a real trade show stand