10.0 Advertising

Zanussi advertising is predominantly product focused, and leans heavily on a hero imagery approach for maximum stand-out (see section 5.0 for brand image types).

10.01 Brand elements

For maximum impact, all ads should contain these elements wherever possible.

Brand elements: Caps Headline, Hero Image, Benefit Icon, White Frame, Dominant Yellow, Logo

10.02 Building the ad

Use the Zanussi yellow as the main colour along with the outer white frame device. Within the frame a render image should be used – this should be mainly yellow with ample clear space for the headline and body copy. A sign-off line can be added in here in bold and the logo should sit underneath.

Two print ad examples

Tone of voice reminders:


  • Write witty, short headlines
  • Reassure the consumer, give peace of mind
  • Highlight a key benefit
  • The sign off: ‘it’s an easy choice to make’


  • Don't over complicate the copy
  • Don't get too technical
  • Don’t make it sound cheap
  • Don't use white headlines

10.03 How does this look?

Whether it’s a web banner, a single page trade ad, all the way up to billboard size. The rules apply to all ad sizes and formats.

Billboard ad
Print ad