The primary Zanussi logo consists of two elements – the Zanussi name in black, with the Italian flag below. The logo should always appear in this fixed arrangement, on a yellow background.


2.02 Secondary Logos

The secondary logo uses the Zanussi name in reversed white out, with the Italian flag unchanged below on a black background.

Zanussi Logo on black

The reversed out logo should only be used where the primary version is not applicable.

There is also a black and white version of our logo for the few occasions where no colour is used, e.g. for our user manuals.

Zanussi Greyscale Logo

The black and white logo should only be used where the primary version is not applicable.

One exception to the primary and secondary logos is the product logo, which is applied without the Italian flag.

Recommended logo use

Correct product application, without flag

Misuse of logo on product

Incorrect product application

2.04 Exclusion Zone

‘Z’ is for Zanussi. It’s also the key to making sure we don’t crowd the logo with other design elements. The width of our ‘Z’ defines the minimum clear space around our mark, as illustrated. We’ve also set a minimum size for our logo.

2.05 Blocked logo usage

When the logo is to be used on a colour which is not brand specific, it can be used on a yellow block. Please always follow the exclusion zone rules for using the logo in a block.

Logo block usage

2.06 Placement and sizing guide

The placement of the logo is flexible, but please make sure the distancing from the outer edge is consistent – use the height of the ‘Z’ if possible.

2.07 Minimum size

We’ve set a minimum size for our logo. It shouldn’t appear any smaller in width than 20mm in print, or 80 pixels on screen… otherwise it becomes illegible. This applies to all logo versions.

Logo minimum size

2.08 Logo misuse

There are two simple rules when using our logo: please read these guidelines first, and always use a master artwork file.

1. Do not distort the logo in any way.

Italic logo

2. Do not use the logo without the Italian flag symbol

(see 2.3 for the exception)

Logo with no flag

3. Do not change the colour of the logo.

White logo

4. Do not place the logo on a white background.

Logo on white background

5. Do not use a strapline with the logo.

Logo with strapline

6. Do not use the incorrect resolution.

Low resolution logo

2.09 Co-branding

When partner logos are used alongside the Zanussi logo, e.g. to co-brand an event, care must be taken to ensure proper use. The partner logo(s) should be positioned to the right or below the Zanussi logo, giving Zanussi priority. The partner logo should be placed no closer than a distance equal to the exclusion zone, as detailed in 2.04.

Kitchen island co-branding example