5.0 Imagery

There are three different types of imagery that go together with our brand: roomset imagery, product hero imagery and lifestyle / benefit imagery.

5.01 Brand imagery

Here’s an overview of the different styles of imagery to be used with the Zanussi brand.

5.02 Brand imagery A: Room set

This is a good example of where yellow is only used as an accent colour, with white as the dominant colour to keep the interior design fresh and contemporary. Black is only used in small amounts.

5.03 Brand imagery B: Product hero

These images use a yellow CGI environment to heroize the product, showing it at its best. The Zanussi yellow ensures clear stand-out for the appliance, whether black, white or stainless steel. A spotlight is positioned in the image to draw attention to the appliance, e.g. behind the hob on the back wall.

5.04 Brand imagery C: Lifestyle / benefit

Lifestyle / benefit images can lean towards either a white or yellow background, as shown in the examples here. Yellow should always be present. The style is clean and contemporary and makes cooking and laundry care look effortless. Shot from above photography works well, including hands if appropriate. Secondary colours are used to complement the primary colours, e.g. red tomato, green limes, blue crockery.

5.05 Product imagery do’s and don’ts

There are some basic rules when placing cut-out product images on backgrounds.

Place the product image on a white, light grey or yellow background. A discreet shadow below the appliance helps to ground the image.

Some examples of incorrect product image application.

  • Do not apply a drop shadow to the whole product.
  • Do not place on a black or tertiary colour background, or an image background.