6.0 Icons

Icons are used in our industry to highlight key product features and benefits and help consumers to make quick decisions.

Always use icons from the Zanussi master artwork files, available from the Electrolux Media Library.

6.01 Overview

Bold and impactful, icons present benefits and features immediately. They can give consumers a lot of information quickly and easily, so they don’t have to read time consuming or technical copy. They are a key part of our visual identity and it is important that they get used in a coherent and correct manner.

6.02 Colour backgrounds

Icons can appear in a Zanussi yellow box on a white background, or with or without a white box on a Zanussi yellow background.

6.03 Usage

Please follow the rules as shown for guidance on using placement of the icons.

Icon placement example

Icons are used in product catalogues to highlight the key benefits, as shown here.

Icon placement in literature